The Poetry in Life ~ Schumann, Adès, Brahms is an exploration of Schumann’s literary life that spilled wholeheartedly into his musical creative output
in songs, solo piano music and chamber music; a look into the works of Schumann’s prolific parallel, the contemporary British composer Thomas Adès,
who was also born to a poet and for whom the intertwining of literature and music comes so naturally; and which closes with the musical poetry
found in the mature and late years of Brahms, a younger German Romantic discovered at age 20 and hailed by Schumann himself as the ‘chosen one’.

Schumann makes generous use of literature and poetry in his musical creative process. His inclination for merging literature and music is found
not only in his songs but also in the extra-musical features of his solo pianoforte works.

For more curious minds, our intimate 60-minute Sharing Recital will look into specific examples from Schumann’s instrumental output
(solo piano and chamber music works), in which the written word in the form of poetry, has had influence.

Equally intrigued and attracted to literature and poetry is contemporary British composer Thomas Adès, who has also found his own unique ways
of merging literature and music. And in this Sharing Recital, we will also dedicate time to exploring his instrumental output (solo piano and chamber music works),
in which there is no longer a boundary but a complete fusion of literature and music.

Esplanade Recital Studio
Date: 18 May 2018
Time: 6-7pm

About the artists:
Luca Buratto
Daniel Chong
Giovanni Gnocchi
Florent Héau
Kevin Loh
Jazimina MacNeil
Adrian Poon
Tang Tee Khoon
Jessica Thompson