“rarely does one find a performance that radiated such warmth and true feeling”
never a moment of impetuousness or misplaced power”
performances like these leave listeners craving for more”
Straits Times

Concerts by Tang Tee Khoon and friends were listed by the Straits Times as the Best Classical Concerts of the Year in 2014.

Beethoven Heroic Years
May ’17

What can we find, as a commonality between Ligeti and Beethoven ?  Violist Hsin-Yun Huang, faculty at Juilliard School and Curtis Institute, and pianist Luca Buratto, 2015 Honens Prize Laureate, shared an intimate hour with audiences onstage of the Victoria Concert Hall, on what their take is in regards to the similarities between the creative mindsets of 20th century Hungarian composer, Ligeti and Vienna’s greatest, Ludwig van Beethoven.

To illustrate their views, the artists carefully crafted a programme offering Beethoven’s turbulent ‘Appassionata’ Sonata Op. 57, a movement from Ligeti’s Viola Sonata, and the whole of Ligeti’s études for Solo Piano Book 3 – perhaps the first time this has ever been performed in its entirety in Singapore.

See Luca Buratto explore Ligeti’s push on rhythmic boundaries in the 20th century, in parallel with Beethoven’s challenge of the classical form during his Heroic Years, here