“Thank you for inviting us to your open rehearsal yesterday. The music you played was so nice ! It was a great opportunity for us to get so
close to musicians. The way you enjoy music impressed me so much. It was like music has become part of your life.”

“I may not understand deeply about your pieces, but the sound of every key sends you love and I really appreciate that you can come to
our boarding school and present such a wonderful recital for us.”

“Thank you for the great masterpiece you gave us yesterday! =) We really enjoyed the music. It is the first time I listen to musicians
playing instruments so closely. You are great musicians, excellent in technique and more over fascinating in expression. Your affection
towards music had deeply affected me and I am totally overwhelmed by the joy of music. Thank you and wish your performance tonight
a wonderful experience!”

Pathlight School students at our interactive Concert for Children
May ‘18

The TTK Grand Series’ interactive Concerts for Children are one of the premier interactive children programmes ever offered in Singapore to young audiences ages 0-12.  Since our first offering in 2010 at the Esplanade Recital Studio, our Concerts for Children have grown to be a staple twice-yearly affair for children and their accompanying parents from all walks of life.

Because of the support we have from our partners and supporters, we constantly consider our position in the society, and what our responsibility is, as a leading arts collective.  And one of our recent efforts, is to use the platform and opportunity our Concerts for Children allow us, to contribute to Singaporean’s efforts in social mixing – combating the growing divide between social groups.

In 2018, we continue our efforts to offer our Concerts for Children to children who are differently abled, and whose circumstances are such that music and art are a scarce occurrence in their lives.

Pictured here is a group of children studying a poem from Schumann’s song cycle ‘Woman’s Love and Life’ with their teacher volunteer from The Writers Studio, before they heard it brought to life by mezzo-soprano Jazimina MacNeil and pianist Luca Buratto.

Private music & art experience session for children fighting cancer and their mothers
May ‘18

In May 2018, The Red Pencil, British Airways, LOVE, NILS and Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series came together to design a private interactive music and art experience session at the National Gallery, for children fighting cancer and their accompanying mothers, in celebration of Mothers’ Day.  The children, in connection with the NUH Children Cancer department, were introduced to the poetic world of Johannes Brahms, a younger German Romantic composer; and into the musical poetry found in his last chamber music work, his patient and spacious Clarinet Quintet.

Together with the Grand Series’ fun animateur Sharon Sum, the children discovered the aural textures in this chamber music work, and translated these aural textures into tactile textures with the help of The Red Pencil’s art therapist and the art materials provided ~ with their mums, the children created their own expressive artwork inspired by the aural textures they heard in Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet.

SOTA Instrumental Masterclasses
Apr, May ‘18

The musicians of TTK Grand Series are always keen to give back to the communities who are connected with us.  This May 2018, School of the Arts in Singapore provided precious support towards ‘The Poetry in Life ~ Schumann, Adès, Brahms’ by providing our visiting and local artists with necessary rehearsal space in preparation for our public presentations.

In turn, the musicians of TTKGS contributed to the flourishing SOTA school life by providing solo instrumental guidance for their students on the Conservatory path.  In April 2018, Tang Tee Khoon took a violin, viola instrumental class.  And in May 2018, violist of the Daedalus Quartet, Jessica Thompson and solo French clarinetist Florent Héau, each took a class for their respective instruments.  Much to the delight of the faculty and students of SOTA.

Internship Programme with Dunman High School and Nanyang Girls’ High School
Feb-May ‘18

Students from DHS Music Elective Programme and NYGH Higher Music Programme, had a chance to sign up for an internship spot with the TTKGS to bring to fruition ‘The Poetry in Life ~ Schumann, Adès, Brahms’.

From physical marketing, public relations, social media, customer service direct enquiries, fundraising, artistic programme, front of house, backstage production, to in-hall leaders — our interns each undertook pivotal roles to bring about our Evening Concerts, Concerts for Children and our host of activities in the community this May 2018.

Here pictured, are our interns – busy setting up our Front of House before families and children turn up for our morning sessions of Concerts for Children.

Visit our Instagram page here for more intimate stories about our interns themselves !

6+6ach Prelude and intimate Sharing Session
May ‘17

On 29 May 2017, after the close of Beethoven Heroic Years, Tang Tee Khoon spent her evening with approximately 50 very special patrons of the TTK Grand Series.  They were patrons who had attended the Victoria Concert Hall events the day before, and who had decided it was worth making the trek to Esplanade Recital Studio the very next evening, to be part of this intimate Prelude and Sharing Session.

So as a Prelude to the upcoming 6+6ach project, Tee Khoon shared 45 minutes of solo Bach music with the audiences, and then took the rest of the time to hear from the audiences how their experience with TTK Grand Series has been so far, what they would like to see more of and what in particular have they enjoyed about the Series until now.  She also used the time to share candidly with these audience members about the philosophy behind the design of this Series, and answered some of their burning questions about what chamber music collaboration is like.

It was a lively Session and the sharing done by the audience will definitely leave a mark in the design evolution of this Concert Series. 

Performance at Nanyang Primary School 100th Anniversary Celebrations
‘Centennial Village’
May ‘17

The community of Nanyang has consistently been a strong supporter of the activities of TTK Grand Series.  Just as luck would have it, Nanyang Primary School’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations fell on the same weekend the international artists visiting Singapore for Beethoven Heroic Years were in town.  So three of the musicians withstood the heat and presented three movements from Dvorak’s Trio for 2 violins and 1 viola outdoors, heavily mic-ed, and for 5,000 audiences.

We are glad to have been part of Nanyang’s Celebrations.  It was also a pleasure to see the children put in their efforts for the school in their dance, song and wushu performances !

Open Rehearsal for the students of Qihua Primary School
May ‘17

This cheerful energetic group of students from Qihua Primary School has never attended a classical music concert.  So it was a precious opportunity we were able to give them, when they sat in for one of our rehearsals for Beethoven Heroic Years Concerts for Children.

On the menu was a short rehearsal of Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 95 ‘Serioso’, where the children were able to hear the dramatic heroic story behind this gripping work and watch the musicians in the midst of their intense discussions and musical attempts.  Other small sides were excerpts from Mozart’s Duo for violin and viola, and Dvořák’s Trio for 2 violins and 1 viola, which the children were able to react instinctively to.

TTK Grand Series finds meaning in providing tailored musical experiences for groups of children, youths, music connoisseurs and even corporate clients.  Contact us at contact@tangteekhoongrandseries.com for your tailored experiences !

Internship Programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Mar-May ‘17

Students of Nanyang Girls’ High School are outstanding in their resilience, diligence and abilities.  Despite juggling a full schedule at school with their studies and CCA commitments, a select few from the Higher Music Program sign up for an internship opportunity with the TTK Grand Series each year.

This year, a pair of Secondary 4 students worked within Beethoven Heroic Years to provide the project with marketing, customer service and production support.  They were also assisted by their seniors, a group of strong and enthusiastic returning interns who have now graduated from NYGH to Hwa Chong Institute !

In Good Company ~ a Charity Concert by the Strings of Nanyang
and our Friends from Afar
Mar ‘16

A week before ‘Beethoven Last Years’, Olivia Jeremias and Tang Tee Khoon landed into Singapore before the rest of the musicians arrived, to hold workshops for the string ensembles of Nanyang Girls’ High School and Nanyang Primary School.

This culminated in a charity concert on 13 Mar 2016 at the Siew May Auditorium of Nanyang Girls’ High School.

String ensembles of the two schools shared with audiences popular music from the musical Les Misérables, and works by upbeat composers Piazzolla and Vivaldi. The visiting international artists sat within the NYGH string ensemble to play alongside the youths at times, and also presented a movement from Beethoven’s late string quartet Op. 127 in E flat major.

Collaborative efforts like these allow the visiting international artists to experience being part of the community in Singapore. They also give Singaporean communities the opportunity to embrace international visitors and to share with them a common ground through music.

Private Preview and Sharing Session at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Mar ‘16

Sharing movements from the late string quartets of Beethoven, in the intimate setting of the Orchid Club Lounge at PARKROYAL on Beach Road hotel, is perfect if one wants to feel the drama and story line of the music directly and personally. It was a wonderful evening of variety as we explored the emotional palettes of Beethoven’s String Quartets Op. 127 in E flat major and Op. 132 in a minor with our attentive guests.

We thank PARKROYAL on Beach Road hotel for their wonderful foray into classical music with us, and for their total commitment in making it possible for us to bring great classical music to the communities in Singapore.

Internship programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Nov ’15-Mar ‘16

Our internship programme with the NYGH Higher Music Program gives us so much impetus to continue presenting great music to the communities in Singapore. These youths bring with them seemingly limitless optimism and enthusiasm. With them working in teams towards the fruition of ‘Beethoven Last Years’, it was their sense of responsibility and commitment to quality, that allowed a project of such gravity and scope to become a reality for Singaporean audiences.

We hope the Sec 3 and Sec 4 Higher Music Program students of NYGH who were involved in ‘Beethoven Last Years’ ~ taking care of areas from marketing, ticketing, production, front of house, customer service to in-hall responsibilities, for the project ~ are proud of their work !

King’s Day Celebration by the Belgium Embassy in Singapore
Nov ‘15

When Eliane Reyes visited Singapore to bring the music of ‘The Parisian Chevaliers’ to audiences in November 2015, it coincided with the annual Belgian King’s Day, which fell on the same week.

The Belgium Embassy in Singapore had a celebratory event planned, and invited Eliane Reyes to present a selection of Chopin Waltzes and with Tang Tee Khoon, some of Franck’s music.

We were able to bring great classical music into the community this evening, not only because of the invitation from the Belgium Embassy in Singapore, but also with the kind sponsorship from Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd of their Bösendorfer Grand piano.

Workshop for combined Primary School string ensemble at NYPS
May ‘15

The Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series believes in providing the best musical experiences for young ones. And in May, we were able to give young talented musicians from the string ensembles of Nanyang Primary School and Catholic High School, a combined string ensemble workshop, led by violinist Yuki Kasai.

Working with children gives us a sense of purpose. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment when we see them understand concepts, make effort and grow in their skills. After the workshop, Yuki Kasai then took the seat as concertmaster while Mariko Hara, Olivia Jeremias, and Tang Tee Khoon joined and sat within the combined primary school string ensemble, to present a short performance for the parents and families of the NYPS students.

It was a joy to see the children step up to the occasion and take pride in the fact that they were sitting and playing alongside professional musicians. We hope it was an unforgettable experience for them.

Open Rehearsal at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
May ‘15

Music is best when shared. So when we had the opportunity to work with PARKROYAL on Beach Road, our hotel partner, on an open rehearsal at the hotel’s lobby for special invited guests and interested public, the musicians agreed to take up this unique and unconventional experience.

To make the occasion possible, Yamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd also provided a loan of their Bösendorfer baby grand piano. This made the experience all the more enjoyable for listeners and musicians.

Sam Haywood opened the evening with 2 gems in the form of Impromptus by Schubert – the composer in question for this evening. And the string players continued with the open rehearsal of Schubert’s String Quintet for 2 violins, viola and 2 cellos.

An open rehearsal is where audiences are allowed to have a peek into rehearsal sessions that are normally held behind closed doors. The musicians work as they would normally, and for those curious about the work process of chamber musicians prior to being onstage, this is the opportunity for them to see the real interactions and negotiations behind the scenes.

Click here for Mediacorp’s video coverage of this event.

Internship programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Jan-May ’15

In the first half of 2015, 13 secondary 3 students from Nanyang Girls’ High Higher Music Program interned with the Concert Series, to follow the entire process of the production of ‘Transcending the Ordinary’ ~ late works of Schubert.

In these 5 months, they were able to fulfill their potentials and grow their abilities as they were closely guided and entrusted with work in research and writing, electronic marketing, physical marketing, customer service, ticketing, production, front of house, backstage, in-hall responsibilities, and artists’ care.

These girls are intelligent, and enthusiastic. They also each have their own strengths that we nurtured through this programme. It was indeed a treat for the Series to see these 13 interns grow and experience what it means to be ready for work in the society.

Click here for Lian He Zhao Bao’s coverage of this NYGH internship programme and ‘Transcending the Ordinary’.

Open Rehearsal at NYBS
March ’14

In the developmental stage of the Grand Series, we relied on Nanyang Boarding School to provide us with a rehearsal space. It was a special atmosphere in which to rehearse. Rehearsing where students live and study gave us a sense of being part of a thriving community.

It’s wonderful to know our music brought joy to the students!

Preview Concert & Discussion at Steinway Gallery
March ’14

In the lead up to Russian Colours, we were able to have an intimate and personal session for the community at the Steinway Gallery. Sam Haywood and Tang Tee Khoon presented select movements from Stravinsky’s Divertimento and Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir d’un lieu cher, and afterwards, there was time for plenty of discussion on subjects like programming choice, thematic design of concerts and the use of quality instruments.