Mother’s Day Interactive Music and Art Experience for Children
from NUH Children Cancer Department

The Poetry in Life – Schumann, Adès, Brahms

Date: Friday, 18 May 2018
Time: 10:00am
Venue: National Gallery

The Red Pencil, British Airways, and LOVE, NILS would like to invite
you and your child to a private interactive music and art experience this 18 May.

Designed especially for you and your child, and 25 other pairs of mothers and children, musicians from the
Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series will bring you into the poetic world of Johannes Brahms, a younger German Romantic composer;
and into the musical poetry found in his last chamber music work, his patient and spacious Clarinet Quintet.

Together with the Series’ fun animateur Sharon Sum, discover the aural textures in this chamber music work,
and translate these aural textures into tactile textures with the help of The Red Pencil’s art therapist and the art materials provided ~
creating your own artwork out of the unique aural textures you find in Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet.

We look forward to spending Mother’s Day with you.

Admission: Only by invitation. Art materials provided. Snacks and drinks are included.
Ages: Children 12 years and under, with one accompanying mother each
*accompanying father or sibling allowed if mother is unavailable

About the Musicians:

Daniel Chong
Giovanni Gnocchi
Florent Héau
Tang Tee Khoon
Jessica Thompson

About our Animateur:

Sharon Sum